160M Users in North America

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160M Users in North America

I would like to be able to use WSPR to evaluate the performance of a new 160M antenna by comparing it to a second antenna, transmitting simultaneously on both with different callsigns. I have the rigs to do it and can use a club call for one transmitter/antennas. My question though is whether there are enough WSPR stations on 160M within range of my signal. I'm near Santa Cruz, CA, just south of San Francisco. I can run as much power as I need. My experience with JT65 on 160M is that 10W won't get past Salt Lake City, but 200W will get me to the midwest and east coast. The antennas are both tall verticals with good radial systems. NEC predicts that the new antenna should have about 2dB of gain toward the east.

WSPR is the logical way to make these tests -- to be meaningful, I need a lot of statistical data to average out the effects of QSB.

Any comments/suggestions?

73, Jim K9YC