MF Medium Wave Oddities

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MF Medium Wave Oddities

Hi All !

I built a Softrock Combined Lite II Receiver with a fixed IF of 460.800 KHz.

First of all it was totaly unusable because i have a 20 KW AM Transmitter five miles away from my qth.

It is the transmitter of "MDR Info" at 1044 KHz located near Dresden.

So i choosed to built a 500 KHz lowpass filter from this desgin:

The spurious and second-order intermodulation products are gone and now it seems that i have a new problem.

I receive a fence of signals, which look like packet transmissions all over the spectrum.

Is this a powerline modem ?

I switched all powered, and network devices of in the house. Antenna is a vertical outside.

Any hints ?

73 Oliver DL6KBG JO61UB