The Peaberry SDR on WSPR

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The Peaberry SDR on WSPR


I'm selling radio kits that work great for WSPR. You can build it for the 160m, 80m/40m, 40m/30m/20m or 30m/20m/17m bands. It does 1W and works with SDR software that supports SoftRock radios. No sound card is needed, so it is great for laptops and small linux systems like the Raspberry Pi or Beagleboard.

I've had one running WSPR for a couple weeks now. The transmitter has been on a lot since I've been busy packing kits in the radio room where my ESD-safe area is. So plenty of logs you can sift through. 100% of the database logs here for AE9RB are from this radio on an attic dipole set to exactly 1W PEP.

I hope you have as much fun building these kits as I did producing it.

73 David AE9RB