FT-897D wrong Tx Frequency - help please?

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FT-897D wrong Tx Frequency - help please?

Hi to all on the forum

I am trying to get WSPR working using my Yaesu FT-897D and a Signalink USB. The PC is running WIN7-74-Bit.
I can receive fine, but when the rig goes into transmit the displayed frequency on the 897 increases by 700Hz.
I have tried this on 20m, 30m and 40m Bands - all bands are the same, hence I believe I'm transmitting on the wrong frequency which is why nobody can hear me.
It does not activate the split function on the rig.

The change in frequency is coming from the WSPR software. If I connect a dummy load and key the mic, the frequency does not change.

This happens whether I have CAT enabled or not in the WSPR software.

For example: Rig dial and WSPR set to 20m Band - 14.095.600. On transmit freqency display changes to 14.096.300 (+700Hz) - should this not be 14.097.100 (+1500Hz)? or perhaps it shouldn't change at all. I am aware that the 897 has extensive menu settings - perhaps I've missed something? Where is the 700Hz setting coming from I wonder?

I previously used the Signalink USB with my Kenwood TS-870S and all was well. Also I don't remember the displayed frequency changing on transmit with the Kenwood.

Any advice and assistance welcomed. Many thanks.


Mick - M0GWD
Portsmouth, UK