Flex 1500 and Windows 7 ( Home Premium, 64 bit)

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Flex 1500 and Windows 7 ( Home Premium, 64 bit)

Having trouble getting the WSPR software to recognize the VAC's, Flex 1500 SDR up and running, WSPR will receive and decode as long as the computer sound card is selected, switching Flex set up to VAC 1&2 will cause WSPR to not have any audio input and time out. I am just about at my wit's end!! Have tried different compatibility settings on all affiliated software, have tried VAC versions 4.09,4.10, and 4.12 and there different compatibility settings. I recently added the same software to my laptop, which has Windows 7 Home Premium (32 bit) and no problems!! Just purchased the new HP benchtop, very frustated...... if someone has suggestions , I sure would appreciate it.

73, John, KC4RSN