Where to listen...a dumb question?

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Where to listen...a dumb question?

Sorry if this has been answered before. I looked through the forum, but didn't find anything.

Say I am running WSPR on 20 M. The receive frequency suggested by the Band tab is 14.095600 . This is the frequency to set the dial of your transceiver.

Now I think I understand that the Transmit frequency is going to be plus/minus 100 Hz one either side of a 1500 Hz offset from the dial frequency. Correct?

Ok, that means that all transmissions are going to take place in the band from 14.097000 - 14.097200. Correct?

So here is my question. When I set up my SDR to listen to WSPR signals on 20 M, I need to set up a passband from 14.097000 - 14.097200. There will be no WSPR signals between 14.095600 and 14.097000. Correct?

Sorry if this a simplistic question, but I had an discussion with another ham, and we could not agree on the passband for receiving.

Thanks for any help.