Crystals for WSPR TX frequencies

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Crystals for WSPR TX frequencies

Hello everyone,

Apart from 10.140,000 MHz and 7.040,000 which are fairly readily available I wonder if anyone knows of a source of crystals for home brew WSPR TX that can be used on the other bands < 20 Mhz. G0UPL has developed a kit for a multimode low powered (<180 mW) beacon which supports WSPR TX without having to connect it to a computer. It is crystal controlled but is limited for WSPR use by the lack of crystals for bands other than 40 and 30 meters (unless you want to use an SSB TX).

Details of the kits are at under Ultimate Beacon. I do the kitting and send them out. I would dearly like to find a source of crystals for all bands rather than just 40 and 30meters. It is possible to get custom ones made for serious money unless ordered in quantities of >1,000 I think they are beyond the pockets of the average amateur. So if anyone knows where i can get some please let me know.

73s Steve