The power of WSPR!

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The power of WSPR!

Hi All,

Having been asked to do a WSPR talk for the SBMS ( San Bernardino Microwave Society ), I wanted to check
that my equipment and software were all ready to go.

As the QRN level in the meeting room is very high, it is impossible to use a real receiver.

I decided to try one of the WEBSDR's as input for my WSJT computer, also with WSPR software.

The 0 to 30 MHz Wideband SDR in Enschede, The Netherlands , was tuned to the 14 MHz dial setting
with the SDR software used by

Audio cable connected from the input computer to the decode laptop and decoded stations, PY,RA,VU,VK7,W4,
appeared after the first 2 minute receive period.

I then removed the connecting audio cable and discovered the decoding continued from a noisy speaker.

What surprises me most was that no timing problems showed up!

SDR on the receiver site, internet, decoding in my receiving computer, and in the decoding with the laptop.

An GPS dongle at my laptop is used for time syncing.

73, Rein W6SZ