WSPR rig number for soft rock RXTX Ensemble?

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WSPR rig number for soft rock RXTX Ensemble?

Hi, All. Well my Peaberry, that I have been using with WSPR, gave up the ghost last night. Quit transmitting. So
while I begin investigating, I though I would substitute my RXTX Ensemble to run

Well, when I try to set the frequency band or TUNE, I get an error from WSPR.

"Unknown Rig number, initialization error
Error attempting to set rig frequency
rigct1 -m 901 -r USB -s 4800 -C databits=8 -C stop_bits=2 -C serial_handshack=N
one F 14095600"

I have the rig number set to 901 SoftRock RxTx Ensemble.

I have also tried, 2509 SoftRock

Any thoughts on the problem?