WSPR at 10 GHz in So California

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WSPR at 10 GHz in So California

Hi All,

Here is a spectrum of N3ITN's WSPR transmission at Oct 27 2012 11:14 PST
recorded by W6SZ, outside temp. approx. 100 F

As visible, the BW of the WSPR signal is about 7 Hz and the signal is quite weak.

These signals last for about 116 seconds.

The present selected dial setting is 10368.405000 MHz.

N3IZN and W6SZ have been running long tests over a 100 Km path with variable results during
day time hours. More work needs to be done to explain decoding during day times.

Some time ago one way tests took place between WA6JBD and W6SZ during late evening hours over a
200 Mile distance.

During the rest of the day decoding is quite reliable for varying signal strength.

73 Rein W6SZ