Changing Messages

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Changing Messages

Ran into a weird problem today while using the QSO mode of WSPR. I was trying to type a message for the other station but when I tried to tx the message something very different was displayed in the bottom right box that shows what is being transmitted. it once displayed a callsign that was not mine to id my station! thank goodness for the stop tx button! Is there a way to send something other than the messages that are already listed. I understand that the messages would need to be with in the max 12 letters and numbers. Would like to try and use / show off WSPR at field day this year when the Bands appear to be "closed" in the wee hours of the night. that is how I got many in the club doing digital a few years ago.
Would also be nice to have a count-down TR in the bottom box (instead of the total time to transmit)to show how many sec are left in the transmit time.
thanks much.
Willis N5jdt