How do you manage WSPR in your Logbook?

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How do you manage WSPR in your Logbook?

Hi Whisperers,

I searched in the forum but I was not able to find an answer.

Yesterday I received a qsl from a SWL for a reception of my WSPR beacon.

It's obvious that for a SWL the only way to get a confirm is to send the confirmation QSL back to him and for me it's a hard job to search in all database, even because they are very big to use.

Now the question is: how do you manage your 'on air' time in the logbook for a beacon?

Beside the wsprnet database, is there any other way you use to record your activity in a electronic logbook for example?

I need a good advice because I realized that it's hard to confirm a WSPR reception QSL without a local record.

I use eQSL too and I don't record any wspr activity in it, especially because I run a 24/7 multiband beacon.

Any good advise?

Thanks and 73 de Giorgio IK3NLK