How to determine a valid spot?

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How to determine a valid spot?

Forgive me I am new to this, receive only as not a licensed amateur.

I am using WSPR 2.0 and a FUNCube Dongle Pro Plus as a receiver, the antenna I am using is a long random wire length hung in my loft space. I have had some success at receiving spots over the last few days, but last night I made my self a balun to try to improve performance and reduce noise.

After connecting it up, and restarting the program I received the following spot

2012-11-27 21:40 ZO5LXM 7.040167 -4 1 BK17 0.02 G-SWL10 IO93ob 11846 15

Initially I thought euphoric, 11846km at 0.02W!! I checked the activity page and indeed saw the user ZO5LXM listed in the 40m section, but it doesn't appear to be a valid call sign and doing a search of the website doesn't list a valid user and BK17 appears to be in the middle of the ocean. Rechecking the activity page a few minutes later and the user had disappeared.

So I assume this is a spoof or an error?

Any one any ideas?


Andrew (G-SWL10)