Azimuthal map for WSPRnet - How to download spots to a file?

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Azimuthal map for WSPRnet - How to download spots to a file?
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Dear OM Geoff,

The present map on is not a very good tool to determine to what direction I have propagation nor what station is farthest away from me.

For my own use I wrote a short MatLab script to put my spots on an azimuthal map, as follows:
- I created 4 azimuthal maps using the website of NS6T (freeware, see with a radius of 1000, 4000, 12.000 and 20.000 km. I saved them as JPG.
- I retrieved my WSPR spots from the WSPRnet database in the normal way, then copy-pasted them in an ASCII/file for further processing.
- The MatLab script reads this file. It selects the appropriate map depending on the longest distance present in the ASCII-file.
- It plot lines ending in a bullet for each spot.
This gives a very clear picture in what direction is the band opening and to what distance.

See attached map with spots.

1. Is there a way to download spots directly to a fileinterface directly to the database, so that I don't have to copy paste the data?
2. Is there a way to query the database directly for that file, so that I can make an azimuthal map that updates every hour?
We want to do a demonstration of WSPR at the office (Radiocommunications Agency Netherlands), using a 100mW beacon, and it would be great to show the distances covered on such a map.

Kindest regards, 73,

Ben Witvliet, PA5BW

P.S. No problem to share the code with you. It's not very complicated stuff anyway.
P.S.2 Would it be an idea to involve NS6T and upgrade the WSPRnet website with an azimuthal map someday?