MAP65 and SoftRock RXTX, WSPR & Raspberry Pi

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MAP65 and SoftRock RXTX, WSPR & Raspberry Pi

Really two topics, but being new to this, hopefully at least 1 appropriate to the forum.

1. On receive I seem to be very successful with MAP65 on my newly set up SoftRock RXTX Ensemble. On 40m lately it's really been picking up tons of stations. I wish the 10/12/15 were better lately though, as that's what I built it for. I'm not sure, though, on the best way to get PTT to the Softrock. It would be nice not to have to put too much other software in between the two, but I don't know how to key the Softrock directly with the COM Port, except maybe by some frightening hardware experiment.

What is the recommended way to do this?

2. I think I'll eventually get tired of the Softrock and would maybe like to make it a low power WSPR station. I could run it off my laptop based LINUX server or even better a Raspberry Pi (all located next to the antenna and power over the CAT5 cable), which could be bundled in a nice package. It implies no GUI and a daemon, I suppose. Is there anyone doing something like that? Running it on my desktop like I've done from time to time which draws 150W or so probably isn't the most practical thing.