WSPR JT65 on Mac

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Paul, VK4ZBV, asked my to put up some info on my use of WSPR on the Mac.

I have tried various compiles of WSPR for the Mac and almost all have had the dreaded memory leak, which causes the running application
to allocate more and more system memory until the available memory is exhausted and the application quits, or it brings down the Mac itself. In additions, I normally
had to use a supporting SDR Program and Soundflower to channel audio to the WSPR applications.

Federico,IW2MVI at has put up WSPR, JT65-HF and HDSDR for download to your Mac. These applications are supplied as WINE executables.
Simply download them, and run them as if there were native applications. You do have to configure them, and that is the problem. The applications
expect their interface to the computer as if they are running on a Windows PC. So you have to specify COM ports and such. Since the Mac normally does
not think of I/O in terms of COM ports, you need to map the Mac I/O ports to the equivalent of PC COM ports. Not had to do, but if you aren't familiar
with the technique it can seem daunting.

I have attached a PDF that goes though the process using a US Interface Navigator and my radio an Elecraft KX3. If you are running the same hardware as me,
you are all set. But, the technique may be useful for other hardware interfaces and radio.

Hope this is useful. Feel free to contact me if you have a question or I have made some dumb mistake!

KF7DRU (email on