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We just got started fooling around with WSPR running WSPR 2.21 for Mac OS... I am beginning to wonder if the version I have has bugs in it. The CODEC in my Mac is not behaving like it should... I use this Computer for PSK31 and many other modes in conjunction with three different Transceivers and they work as smooth as silk. But, when I boot up WSPR 2.21 and go through the setups I have not been able to find RX and TX audio on the analog side of the SignaLink. When we set the Mac audio for the internal speakers (Built-In) and force WSPR to TX we hear the tone and can detect the small FSK shift through the TX duration.

We have attempted to send the RX audio through the SignaLink but WSPR will not decode the shift. Sending the audio directly from the Receiver to the Mac Mic Input brings success in copying stations in this area.The PTT function can be actuated by the application and passes thorough the SignaLink to the PTT line ...I have verified the pull-down on the PTT line so we know that this function works. I have looked all over Hell's half acre for technical information on successful hardware interfacing to WSPR 2.21 but little to none is available. It sure is difficult today trying to locate a schematic or a application flow chart. So much is is plug-n-play that few manufactures or applications designers leave a trail for those of us who can read schematics.

We would like to correspond with anyone using a Mac and homebrew interface or SignaLink that has achieved success with WSPR 2.21 for Mac.