Now it has happen

I used last night Flex 1K5 / VAC/ WSPR-15 and my 80m's 1/4 wavelength GP to 160m Any thing works very well, but small negative sign for the 160m swr is 1.2:1 so I get no more than 4W out. I was surprised to wspr-15 works so well. I have long been waiting for something new to wspr software, and now it has happened. Now they have as well as more control over the software than previous versions and you can see better what happens when you make adjustments to the rx thanks for the new waterfalls, however, programs spirits of new features as well! Now it's fun to use wspr again!

Thanks for the great software!

I wish to all users wspr, swr's 1:1 and 73 Heikki/oh8gkp...