My toys

Running my WSPR-station with the following toys:

The rig:
FLEX-1500 doing about 1 w. A Great little rig for digimodes.
Dipole for 30 meters, placed under roof of my house (5 meters above ground)

Software setup in Windows 7:
With VAC ( Virtual Audio Channels) and CAT/PTT-control i hook up the PowerSDR-software to the WSPR-software (ver 2.12).
For the CAT-control I use virtual COM-ports with com0com-driversoftware.
One com-portpair is used for CAT and one pair for PTT. Use low numbers (less then COM11), Seems to not to work with high numbers.
The rig definition used for CAT is TS50 (Tried TS480, but did not work)