WSPR Hall of Shame

There is a spirited discussion on the Softrocks forum concerning the legality of WSPR transmissions under FCC rules. In this discussion one person has complained about "high power, continuous WSPR transmissions", especially on 40 meters. Out of curiosity I took a look at recent database postings and it does seem that there is a great deal more power being used than is necessary in some cases.

There is one guy running 1000 watts! 7 running 50, 9 running 20.... etc. There is simply no need for such power levels on HF WSPR.

I would like to suggest creation of the WSPR Hall of Shame. Entry criteria should be:

1) Power levels of +37 dBm or higher

....... AND ........

2) Average SNR on your spots of -12 dB or higher

In addition, much of the concern mentioned in the forum is in regard to the high number of 40 meter, crystal bound QRP CW rigs out there who interfere and are interfered with by the lower end of the 40 meter WSPR band. As I have one of these rigs myself I think there may be some validity to this complaint.

Warren Allgyer - W8TOD