Help- Unable to Decode WSPR Sigs with FCDpro+

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Help- Unable to Decode WSPR Sigs with FCDpro+

Hello Grp-

I am unable to decode wspr sigs using the FCDpro+. I have weak-good wspr, phone, and digi sigs around 14.0956 usb using

the SDR-Sharp software and an End-Fed 20m Par wire into a MiracleDucker IL unit. WSPR and other sigs are visible and audible and I can navigate around the SDR program decently.

Using JT65hf and WSJT7 for jt65a decoding works ok with this setup. PC clock is good.

I have tried adjusting the BW to very narrow etc.. Perhaps I'm missing something in the SDR program setup.. I/Q or offset setting?

thanks in advance, Eric n6spp/p Dutch Harbor,AK (Aleutian Islands) loc: AO63RV