Does r3058 work with Windows XP sp3?

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Does r3058 work with Windows XP sp3?


I have installed WSPR-X r3058 three times on three different computers running XP Pro and none of them have worked.

Waterfall displays and looks good, but no decodes, time is ok, frequency ok, mode ok, AF levels good.

Caught this attached Error Message when one froze.


At line 34 of file wsprd.f90 file "test\save\130404_0926.c2"
Traceback:not available, compile with -ftrace+frame or -ftrace+full
Fortran runtime error: The system cannot find the path specified.

Anyone any clues what To Do Next, beside going back to WSPR-X v0.7 r2960 which worked OK?

73 Paul VK4ZBV.