CAT control when using a transverter.

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CAT control when using a transverter.

For some time I wanted the CAT control to set the frequency when I operate on 70MHz (4m), which requires a transceiver frequency of 28MHz. Because it was very quiet on 4m today, I played with the idea of a batch file. The solution, that appears to be running fine, is a small batch file that makes the translation to the desired frequency when appropriate.

This is what I did, all in the directory where wspr is installed:
1) Rename rigctl.exe to rigct.exe
2) Put the following text in a file and call it rigctl.bat
SET a=%*
rigct %a:70091000=28091000%

That’s it. When the wspr program calls rigctl with parameters to change the frequency to 70.091MHz, the batch file will run and in turn call rigct.exe with the same parameters but with the frequency changed to 28.091MHz.

Now I am waiting for some 4m activity again… :)