WSPR aborts on new even minute...

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WSPR aborts on new even minute...


The WSPR is running just fine here and is well appreciated. I was able to get receiving OK and have logged/uploaded many intercepts.

One bug that I do not understand is that after a day or two of normal use, I will call the WSPR.exe up and it looks fine, except that when the even minute comes around and getting ready to receive is when it shuts down and I get an MS error reporting screen that wishes to report this problem to MS.

Can I patch around this pesky inconvenience, or do I just continue to erase WSPR and download a fresh program which will work for the next day or so??


TNX from Dave - AA1A - WD2XSH/17

* One minor question, is there a way to page back and see earlier entries of the WSPR web log?