WSPR 2.20 shutting down after 20 + hours

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WSPR 2.20 shutting down after 20 + hours

Hi All,

I've been running WSPR 2.20 for a long time practically 24/7. During this time it's been just about as stable as any windows application can ever be.

However for about the past month. I've been finding that the application shuts down for no apparent reason. Usually after it's been running for about 2 days, and usually in the early hours of the morning. The PC has not rebooted or anything else changed. Just WSPR has shut down.

As nothing else in the system has changed, and the windows XP machine that runs it is only used for that purpose. It must be something to do with a Windows or AVG update, or similar. Which is objecting to some aspect of WSPR.

I've tried looking at various log files but I can't see anything obvious that could account for this.

Has anyone else noticed this problem ?