Bad WSPR signal in Europe on 7MHz

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Bad WSPR signal in Europe on 7MHz

From G3PLX:

I am not a WSPR user but I am suffering QRM from a WSPR transmission which is on approx 7040.08 kHz, audible in the UK at all times of the day. The transmitter is suffering RF feedback (rectified RF in the audio circuits) and is emitting spurious signals on at least two frequencies further down the band, about 7039.3 and 7039.7 kHz.

If anyone reading this is able to identify the faulty transmission and notify the owner, I would be grateful.

Ferrite rings, an isolated audio interface, and other techniques can fix this - I m sure WSPR enthusiasts will be familiar with this kind of problem.

I am trying to listen for a weak signal (not WSPR) further down and this faulty transmitter has been causing me QRM for several days.