PTT and Soundcard

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PTT and Soundcard


I am using TS2000 with RigExpert and WinXP. MixW and TRX-Manager are running well. Also WSJT ver. 4.9.8 and WSPR ver. 1.1.
The problem is WSJT ver. 5.9.7 and ver. 7.02. When I start these programs the PTT activates the trx, although the software is receiving. Closing the program inactivates the PTT. Doing the transmission the signal is transmitted but the trx does not change in receive mode. It is a problem of activating the PTT in the different versions I think. The configuration of the soundcard is always the same in all programs. Changing this configuration the trx is receiving but there is no PTT activation anymore. Hope that anyone can help me.

Ralph, DL2YED