FT817ND Power Out question

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FT817ND Power Out question


I'm using a bog-standard FT817ND for my WSPR operation, I'm currently leaving the rig running on 6M when I'm not working HF SSB or PSK.

My question is, after adjusting the output level on my laptop's sound-card to get zero ALC, my power out also goes to zero on the 817's display. Unfortunately my current SWR/Power meter doesn't work at levels below 5 watts but a small FM scanner I have indicates that there is a signal when I transmit. I suspect it's only a few mW but wondered if other 817 users experience the zero power out reading?

The issue is the same irrespective of the power setting on the 817.



PS CN8LI in Morocco features in my contact database again, he must have a good set-up to hear me if I am just putting out a few mW!