Automating the parameters on Database and Map pages?

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Automating the parameters on Database and Map pages?

Hi all.

I run WSPR on 2m 24/7. When I log onto the WSPRnet website to look at my spots and the map (to see where I should be pointing) I usually need to fill out the parameters and drop down boxes every few days, as the 'cookie' or whatever is used to remember these parameters only lasts a few days!

I find this REALLY annoying. What I want to know, is there a way I can force the WSPR pages to display what I want by entering an address that contains my desired search parameters?

What I want to display without having to enter in the setting every time / ever again:


Band: 2m
Call: (blank)
Lat: 10
Lon: 144
Time period: 3 Hours


band: all
count: 500
call: vk3xpt
Reporter: vk3xpt
In last: week
sort by: Timestamp
reverse: True
unique: False

- I have tried, but I can not find a way to "trick" the site to display this stuff automatically.

FYI, a link to the OLD database CAN be tricked to do what I want. For example, saving the following as a bookmark will open the OLD spots page with the parameters I wish:

Any help or tips would be great!


Perrin VK3XPT