Tired of WSPR'ing to Nothing on 50.293MHz

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Tired of WSPR'ing to Nothing on 50.293MHz

Hello - I will be WSPR'ing to the world on 50.127MHz dial-freq.

Tired of hearing nothing and missing possible openings around 50.125 SSB/CW
while WSPR'ing to vapors on 50.293MHz . . .

I will try this for a while IF no one objects TOO much. At least a WSPR
signal on 50.128500-MHz will alert other non-WSPR'ers to a band opening.

Respond DIRECTLY to me at w7wkr39@gmail.com if you have concerns about my
shift from the usual 50.293MHz watering-hole OR if you want to run a schedule
on this frequency for a few days.


Dick w7wkr/CN98pi