Weired WSPR decodings

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Weired WSPR decodings
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Just today morning I was trying my ASUS EeePC netbook (Intel Atom Processor) to decode WSPR signals on 30Mts and 20Mts . I came accross some weired decodings . Many of the stations are not Ham Call signs and power levels shown are abnormaly high or low (60dBm or 0dBm). Other parameters (time,frequency,S/N dB ,drift)are consistant.Along with these some Ham call signs were also decoded.This is for first time I am using this ASUS Eee PC for decoding WSPR. Can anybody enlighten me about this? Is it due to any processing errors in the netbook (low speed and limited RAM etc)? I am attaching a screenshot as a reference.
I am using a TS 430S as the receiver and it gives a good and consistant WSPR performance with my Toshiba satellite Notebook. So I have to suspect only the new ASUS EeePC netbook.