Crash-WSPR / Windows 8

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Crash-WSPR / Windows 8


I am not an information scientist or computer specialist, however, I has ascertained follower by testing: WSPR 2.11 and WSPR 2.20 and WSPR 2.21 (beta) (2.20 and 2.21 with Frequenz-Hopping) run on WINDOWS 8 UNSTEADY AND FINISH THE FUNCTION AUTOMATICALLY after about 20 hours! Always and again and again it must new start again !
Even if one WSPR in WINDOWS 8 in the compatibility-mode for Windows7 and as an administrator starts the problem of the Programm-Crashes for WSPR in Windows 8 is not repaired!

Because I one more desktop computer have with WINDOWS 7 I have installed WSPR on this... AND the program FUNCTIONED with FREQUENZ-HOPPING... Without CRASH UNDER WINDOWS 7 already since 65 HOURS !!!

73`s de Jens