WSPR 3.01 runs well

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WSPR 3.01 runs well

Hello ,
I had some e-mail contacts with Joe , K1JT .
He have send me the link for download the newest version of WSPR , WSPR 3.01 .
With this it was a problem to configure and running Frequency-Hopping .
(frequency change not working and Transceiver selection in setup are not available...)
the field to make a transceiver-selection was always empty ... )
After replace a important file in the program-folder of WSPR 3.01 , which
K1JT have send me as e-mail attachement ALL problems are solved now .

But by re-placing the file was again a little problem :
The file which K1JT send me was ending with : dot(.)txt ,
and the pre-selection-box in the drop-down-menue for transceiver selection in WSPR 3.01
was always empty again ...
That was not acceptable from the program WSPR 3.01 .
The file must be re-named in the program-folder in : (file name) following with NO ending with : (dot).txt !

Just now , since 3 days , I have run around the clock WSPR 3.01 with frequency-hopping
without any problems under Windows7 .
No crashes or program terminations I got again.

Next step will be , to test it on my Windows 8 computer , and I think it will
also working without crashes . I will see ... and than I will give a report here .

What I must say is : the version of WSPR 2.21 also works well under Windows 7 and Windows 8 !