Correction of power values and automated power selection

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Correction of power values and automated power selection

Yesterday I did some power output comparisons on WSPR, toggling my transmitter between two different power levels at regular intervals. I'm using windows batch files to automate the switching at defined times, about every 15 minutes.

Unfortunately, I have no way to automate the power selection parameter in the WSPR software. Therefore many of my reported power values in the database are wrong. I know what the actual values should be and would be happy to submit a csv file of the true reports for the purpose of correcting the WSPR database. If that is of any use, please advise.

Also, if anynoe has an idea how I could automate the selection of the power paramter in the WSPR software at pre-defined times, pls let me know. I have looked at some keyboard macro software for Windows that would be able to do that; however, the timed macros that it uses can't be executed reliably to the precise minute as would be required.