Where am i?

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Where am i?

I have noticed a lot of variation in reported capture frequecies. I am sure i don't understand all the demographics on this but here is what i see anyway. Explanations?

as an example:

Heard by: N3HH---10.140255---

My tx freq on the screen is set for 10.140250
My tx frequency on the radio is set for 10.13889
The frequency on my HP counter when i transmit is 10.140233

Heard by: WB9GHD---10.140269

My transmit info same as above.

Heard by: "1BW"---10.140247

My Tx info same as above.

And so it goes. I changed my Tx frequency by 10 cycles and subsequent reports indicated that they see the change downward by 10 cycles.

So the question is? Where exactly am i transmitting? Is there a specific formula or common knowledge that i'm lacking to determine this? Or is it just a "relative" thing?

Something new to learn all the time. Ain't it great!