WSPR Net Maps - Google to shut down V2 API.

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WSPR Net Maps - Google to shut down V2 API.

To whom it may concern, the following may affect WSPR net maps also, being from google. This info was from a post on the VK Logger forums -

The maps on VK Logger are expected to stop working on November 19, as Google shuts down it v2 API.

I have already wasted 2 days trying to convert the v2 map functionality to be compatible with the v3 API, to no avail, and much frustration. This is not a trivial job.

If the maps come back, the maps come back.
If they don't. They don't.

I've been bashing my head against the wall trying to adapt the coding so the change is seamless.
I also notice that other ham orientated Google Map sites are still using the v2 API as well.
You can expect quite a few other ham Google Maps to stop working soon as well!
Adam VK4GHZ.