WSPR Server access failed

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WSPR Server access failed

Hi All

I am pretty new to WSPR and am really enjoying it....however allot of my spots are not getting posted because according to the WSPR console "Access to the WSPR server failed"

This is happening more and more and seems to be getting worse with at times as many as 7 failed attempts an hour, and I notice if in a 2min block I receive 5/6 spots it near always fails to post them.

I have been manually uploading the spots from my ALL_WSPR.txt file to upload the missing spots to the database

I am using WSPR v2.11 and delete my ALL_WSPR.txt file at the start of each session but this does not seem to help.

I will see what happens over the next few days but if it continues I don't really see the point continuing because its no good to the TX station if my spots are not uploaded in real time. For myself it makes no difference as an RX station I can see what I have received by querying the database at any time.

I have just started a new session at 20:03 utc and by 20:18utc I have got yet another failed server access :(

Hope somebody can shed some light on improving this situation

73 Good Dx