WSPR-IQ RX noise level

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WSPR-IQ RX noise level

I regularly use a Softrock with WSPR in IQ mode.
I use the same audio levels as is necessary for other SDR software. That is the "Consumer" setting of my D44.
WSPR-IQ regularly indicates a RX noise level in the red -25, -25dB.
I ignore that, comparisons with the receiving spots of other local WSPR stations indicate that my reception is a least as good as theirs. Sometimes even 10dB SNR better. Comparative tests I have made show no obvious difference.

What do other users of WSPR in IQ mode find? If it has been set correctly for other SDR software (so that antenna noise is just seen) does it actually need changing for WSPR-IQ?
I ask because I'm having trouble persuading others that there is no problem.
Obviously the actual figures seen will depend on band and local noise level. And the exact WSPR version.
I refer mainly to 60m in a, maybe, slightly quieter situation than some other UK operators.

73 Alan G4ZFQ