Double Spots with Raspberry Pi

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Double Spots with Raspberry Pi

I have a Raspbery Pi running as a beacon on 40m with software from JamesP6000 that was initially doing a great job. As a newcommer to WSPR it was pretty exciting watching reports come in from all over Europe and then from VK land, wow.

Worked fine for over a week, then reposrts stopped abruptly and it seems the Pi did a wobbly - no idea what happened - but the clock frequency was off by around 45sec and the frequency calibration was also off. Fixing the clock did not restore reports and I am still having trouble getting the frequency calibration right. I have done a complete fresh Raspian and WSPR install, but am still not happy with how the beast is behaving.

I am getting reports again now, but rather oddly and getting double spots quite often - never happened before. The freqncy separation of the double spots varies a lot; anything from a few Herz to maybe 60Hz - so can't be just mains hum.... On a scope the signal looks clean.

So far I am at a loss to see what is wrong, so any suggestions would be much appreciated.