FT-847 Transmit problem

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FT-847 Transmit problem

Hello everyone,

I'd be grateful for some assistance with a transmitting problem I'm having, i.e. no one is hearing me.

Setup is:

Yeasu FT-847 running 5W (37 dBm) into a 1/2 G5RV
ZLP Electronics MiniProSC
WSPR 2.0 running on Vista

Settings in WSPR:

Dial 10.138700
Tx 10.140194

PTT Method is VOX and runs into the HF (mini jack) port on the 847.

I'm reporting plenty of spots on receive but getting absolutely nothing on transmit. The radio does report that it is transmitting data but the sound is a bit suss, although I don't know what it should sound like; a very fast chattering relay is my best description, certainly not a tone, but this is sat in front of the radio, not a received signal.

Any thoughts would be gratefully received.

73s, Dave