WSPR modulation and other items

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WSPR modulation and other items

Hi all,

I'm new to WSPR and have a couple of questions:
I'm decoding signals OK but I'm in doubt that the TX side of it is OK. When TXing the modulation seem to be a fairly constant (frequency wise) tone of about 150Hz. Should it be that low in frequency? I adjust the mic gain to get an ALC reading within the limits and the power reading says it is OK.

The "Dial freq" box of WSPR 1.0 reads 10.1387. I suppose I should enter a frequency within the 10.1387 +100Hz ... +300Hz interval in the "TX Freq" box. I have entered 10.138888 for a start = +188Hz. OK?

With this setup nobody seem to hear my signals :-( ...

73 from Sweden,
SM4GRP Kjell-Göran