DELL Latitude E6510 Computer CRASHes running WSPR 2.0 and 2.12

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DELL Latitude E6510 Computer CRASHes running WSPR 2.0 and 2.12

Greeting All

My HP VISTA Laptop Computer crashed and died and the computer repair-guy said it would cost me
more to repair it than it was worth. It faithfully ran reliably running WSPR version 2.12.

A new-to-me DELL Latitude E6510 runs WSPR 2.12 for a while and then freezes (the time clock
stops and leaves the screen frozen. I thought there might be a problem with the SW so I loaded
WSPR 2.0 and ran it for a while - the same problem happened again.

I tried to regain control of the computer by the old CONTROL/ALT/DELETE method - once/twice/many-times -
but the computer remained stuck. I finally had to press the power-button for many seconds to turn-off
the computer and restart it.

I ran WSPR 2.0 on an older Windows-98 computer last year and experienced the same problem. The problem
went away when I turned the "Upload Spots" button OFF.

I am now running the DELL computer with the "Upload Spots" turned OFF to see if the problem goes away.
I will let it run this way for a few days to see if the crash condition returns.

I ended up with hours of decodes displayed (not uploaded to database) and tried to highlight and copy
them but that seems NOT to work. Is it possible to SELECT AND COPY the decodes displayed on screen, if
so, how is this done?

Any suggestions out there on how to fix this problem ? Please reply here and to

Thank you and 73

Dick/w7wkr and wd2xsh-26