Q: WSPR beacon contacts, confirmation by QSL?

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Q: WSPR beacon contacts, confirmation by QSL?

Hello all...

Just a question regarding QSL policy of WSPR
beacon contacts.

Since 1970, starting as SWL, I am a QSL collector.

How are WSPR beacon contacts handled with QSLs ?

For example:

I had a WSPR beacon transmission on 17:40 and was recorded
by DP1POL.
DP1POL send directly after the 2 minutes window also a beacon
transmission and was received by me at 17:42.

Actually this was, let me say, a "2-way-beacon-contact" in a
4 minutes RX/TX window.
The reports (SNR) and the transmission datas are documented
at WSPRnet.org.

Is this beacon contact valid or a QSL like a 2-way QSO ?

Thank you for assistance.....