Callsign issue?

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Callsign issue?

After a few minor problems, WSPR is now working fine both on RX and TX modes.

The only issue now is regarding the callsign? Is it not possible to put a country prefix in front of the callsign? I live in the Canary islands, but as I'm not that active I use EA8/G4STA when I go on the HF bands. Seems that WSPR doesn't allow for this... As a 'reporter' I have found that EA8G4STA (minus the /) works when uploading spots, but using that for sending, I never get seen? However, reverting back to simply G4STA I do get heard and seen in the database.

I've seen other stations remark about this also, so perhaps this facility could be added to a later version of WSPR?

73's John EA8/G4STA (La Palma - Canary Islands)