30 Meter WSPR-AXE kit

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30 Meter WSPR-AXE kit

I got my WSPR-AXE ( TNX W5OLF ) up and running on 30 meters. This thing is amazing. Just for now, I have it connected in my shack to a homebrew magnetic loop antenna..5 feet in diameter and 5 feet off the ground in my backyard. There is about 80 feet of RG8-X between the WSPR-AXE and the antenna. I'm getting spots from all over Europe, NA, and even VK land in the last hour or so. I have it powered by a 12 volt, 5AH battery and its putting out about 1 watt.
Soon I hope to get it all in a waterproof box and bring it all out to the antenna to eliminate the feedline loss.
Great fun!
You can see a pic of the magloop on QRZ.com