500kc/630m Amp

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500kc/630m Amp

last week we finished the first two prototypes of the 630m/500kc Mosfet amplifier.
It was developed by our local club in my workshop.
It is very easy to build and uses only cheap components.
The power at 13,8v is 100 watts and goes up to 650 watts
with a 31V/20A supply and an efficiency of >90%.

I don't have spare PCBs right now, but if there is some interest we
could organize a collective order.
Even without a PCB this can be built in one or two days easily.
All schematics and other documents can be downloaded from www.dj0abr.de in English and German language.

Could be a nice project for winter time.
(Of course, this amp also works on 137kHz with an suitable output filter).

vy 73
Kurt, DJ0ABR