WSPR RX for ARM Linux Minicomputers

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WSPR RX for ARM Linux Minicomputers

Hi friends,

we have integrated the K9AN WSPR decoder into a nice graphical user interface which runs on Linux computers
especially on ARM machines like the banana PI.
A dual core CPU is highly recommended since the K9AN decoder uses 100% of one CPU core.
It runs very well on the banana PI.

Thanks to the very good performance of K9AN's decoder this software shows about 20% more spots than my PC running WSPR-X.

A screenshot is here:

A detailed German description about the system installation can be found on
Is there anybody who can help with translation into English ?

The description contains the download links for the software. Please read at least the system requirements.

The banana PI has a Line-IN but its tricky to solder. You can even operate WSPR with the little microphone on the board. Just
connect a headphone to your transceiver and put it over the microphone. Even with this simple setup I get more spots than my PC and
thats not a joke, it really works.

vy 73 Kurt, DJ0ABR