Kenwood TS-590 and WSPR frequency control via CAT

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Kenwood TS-590 and WSPR frequency control via CAT

I cant get my TS-590 to respond to CAT command for frequency changes, I
can get it to key perfectly from WSPR 2.0 but it will not from the
frequency selections in WSPR or vice versa.

WSPR setup does not have the TS-590 listed, so I tried the TS2000. If
anyone has had success setting up the TS590 using the USB interface I
would like to know how you got it to work. Thanks.

*********** UPDATE ************

I am seeing error:

Set_frq : error = Invalid parameter

It seems WSPR is sending an F command to the TS-590, but if I look what my logging program sends to read or change frequency it sends either F; or f;

Is there a way, under Windows 7 to set these commands or read just what is being sent please?

Will WSPR eventually be re-written to use Omni-Rig, like the beta versions of WSJT-X, which are so much easier to set up with USB controlled rigs.