On an FT817ND, what should DIGI SHIFT be set to?

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On an FT817ND, what should DIGI SHIFT be set to?

Hi, I am trying to use WSPR-X with a Yeasu FT817ND. I am connecting to this for PTT and audio using a DigiMasterPro. I also have an ATU.
I have so far only managed to tx one spot.
I am using the USER-U Dig mode.
I have adjusted my AFSK as per the 817's manual, using Menu 25 (DIG MIC), so that there are about 5 bars (mid-range) on the ALC meter.
About the only other thing I can think of setting is DIG SHIFT (Menu 27). On page 40 of the 817's manual, it says this is the transceivers passband response, but it also rather muddies the waters by suggesting this is equivalent to a BFO offset. But I don't want a BFO offset - do I? I don't want to change the audio frequency of the WSPR tones, surely.
If I have misunderstood any of this, please let me know. Any suggestions gratefully received.
It is just so frustrating to only have got the TX working ONCE!


P.S I have had some good results RX on 20m down to -33db, so I don't think my set up is that bad.... but it seems to hard to tx successfully...