WSPR Beacon App For Android Is Available!

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WSPR Beacon App For Android Is Available!

Hi everyone,

The first WSPR TX App for Android is available in the Google Store.

The WSPR Beacon App is made to send WSPR signals using your Android smartphone/tablet as a signal source. All you have to do is couple the audio out with the audio in of your rig (and set it to VOX).

All you have to do is:

  • Set your CALLSIGN
  • Set your LOCATOR or press the GPS button and have the app automatically calculate it based on your position. Please allow a few seconds for the GPS to get exact coordinates.
  • Set the POWER LEVEL so that it matches your rig output power
  • Select the BAND (optional). This is only to have handy the frequency value to set on the rig.
  • Set the TX FRAMING. This allows you to set how ofter the WSPR will be sent. By default the WSPR is sent only once.
  • Select the BASE FREQUENCY. It can go from 1400Hz to 1600Hz and by default it is 1500Hz
  • Press START

The app will automatically wait for the next frame start before sending. So you only have to make sure that the clock of your smartphone/tablet is synced.

By pressing the MAP and/or DATABASE buttons, the app will open the related pages so that you can monitor receptions reports.

For screenshots and additional information visit the website: or send an email to

72/73, Andrea IU4APC